Koenraad Ecker: A Biology Of Shadows LP

    Koenraad Ecker: A Biology Of Shadows LP

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  • Artist: Koenraad Ecker
    Label: In Aulis
    Cat No: AUL001LP

Gatefold LP with Download Code. Edition of 300. Vinyl was mastered & Cut at D&M. Liquid spaces, porous boundaries, unstable relationships – the possibility of transformation pervades A Biology of Shadows, Koenraad Ecker’s third full-length album. Crowds transform into insectoid chirps, voices approach and retreat, clarinets morph into birdsong, fire turns liquid, microscopic needles echo in cavernous spaces, as the familiar becomes uncanny. A brimming, anarchic aural ecology, mercurial and vitalistic, ebbing and flowing through the body and the world it inhabits. A human presence permeates throughout, critical, observing, dissecting.

A Biology of Shadows is divided into two parts : Endoscopy, the first half, surgically enters the body of contemporary hegemony, fearlessly dissecting the organs of surveillance, disciplining, precarity and alienation. Alex „Bogues“ Rendall, one half of Jabu and part of the Young Echo crew, takes the front-stage as the soothsayer, the observer, delivering his spoken word with a calm, insistent militancy, surrounded by an acoustic scenography in constant flux. L’incendio Genovese, the last track of part one, juxtaposes Audrey Chen’s otherworldy voice with Ecker’s own choir-like singing, in a dramatic aural imagining of the events of the 2001 G8 riots in Genoa.

Part two steps away from the cold observation of the first half, diving headlong into part two : the restless and anarchic Undergrowth – a mutinous undercurrent, filled with the promise of transformation, unstable and precarious, but hopeful nonetheless. In these pieces, choreographed foley, mangled clarinets, sardonic birds and sizzling drums coalesce into an unruly and buoyant pandemonium of contrasting voices – an antidote to the lazy dread of dystopia.

A Biology of Shadows nimbly fuses close-up foley, the human voice, spectral re-synthesis, acoustic instrumentation and an acute sensibility of space into a vivid and critical aural document of the times.

The album, which will be self-released on Ecker’s In Aulis label, will be available on gatefold vinyl and digital formats, mastered & cut by Rashad Becker at D&M. The artwork was made by Alison Darby and incorporates one of Ecker’s poems : it is part of an ongoing series of collaborative works.

Koenraad Ecker is a Belgian sound artist. He has previously released on Digitalis and LINE, and is co-founder of Lumisokea (Opal Tapes) and Stray Dogs (Kvitnu), two long-running music projects. His output ranges from studio albums to multidisciplinary performances, audiovisual installations, music for contemporary dance & theater and soundtrack work. He has presented his work in venues ranging from freezing squats to plush opera houses, and his sound design work has been used in major films such as Black Mirror and Annihilation. In 2017, one of his spatial audio compositions was nominated for the „Prix Ars Electronica“.