Jannick Schou: Act of Shimmering LP

    Jannick Schou: Act of Shimmering LP

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  • Artist: Jannick Schou
    Label: Experimedia
    Cat No: EXPLP018LP

The Act of Shimmering is the act of leaving conscious thought behind. It's accepting what lies beyond the corporeal, transcending the physical; the soul is aware and the body, eyes, skin are distant empty casings. A clamorous, chaotic cacophony surrounds a beatific center. An endless assault of guitar, of noise that glistens, a poignant rigor. Jannick Schou, proprietor of tape loop drone, places himself within the tunnel of din to produce this profound work: an ethereal dream using nightmarish parts and images. Black and grays generate vibrant innards. Brightness is unearthed within the fetid mass and these six tracks immerse the listener into a raging sea to find a gentle undertow. Furious outbursts emerge from simple, slow shivers. Tremors of noise gather, reaching an elongated crescendo, becoming transformative, and shattering what form or structure was designed to contain such an outpouring of sound.

Mastered by Lasse Marhaug
Photography by D. Raymond - Lost Wave Photography

Previous releases on Dead Pilot Records, Under The Spire, Rural Colours, Heat Death Records, and dotContemporary.



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