Jacek Doroszenko: Wide Grey CD

    Jacek Doroszenko: Wide Grey CD

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  • Artist: Jacek Doroszenko
    Label: Eilean
    Cat No: eilean031cd

Jacek Doroszenko is an audio-visual artist, treating sound phenomena as a legitimate material of visual art and highlighting listening as a practice. The artist engages with the contemporary soundscape to select and rephrase the notion of noise as redundant element. The first artist’s release on Eilean Records contains a suite of compositions produced during Artist-in-Residence programs in Norway and Greece. Using field recording as the basis for further musical compositions, artist reveals the power of audible juxtaposition and natural potential of a certain place. Ostensibly unnecessary sound events are treated here as the key components, revealing massive landscape of possible progressions. From 2011 to 2017 he has recorded five albums on some labels such as Zoharum and Audiobulb and he presents on eilean rec. his sixth releases.

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