Fabio Orsi & Pimmon: Procrastination LP


*Limited edition of 350 copies on heavyweight 180gram vinyl. Includes instant download.* After 45 releases the Japan-based label Home Normal has finally issued its debut vinyl album, a collaboration between Fabio Orsi and Pimmon, two well-known names in the label's sphere. Hallmarks of Home Normal's past releases – namely the acoustic manipulation of Chihei Hatakeyama and the digital reconstructions of Michael Santos – are particularly apt starting points in defining the lambent drones that circle "Procrastination." The duo saves their boldest moment for the album's final minute as churning digital distortion peaks after a long build, but before that moment erupts "Procrastination" is a study of unassuming subtlety. "I Wish You Were In Yallingup" adheres pensive electric guitar notes to shimmering grains of sound while stray synthesizer bleeps ricochet throughout "Garnacha." As a whole the gaseous drones that Orsi and Pimmon create seep slowly into electronic treatments and glitchy textures, not unlike a recording that would have graced 12k's release schedule half a decade ago. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia
"When ideas float in our mind without any reflection or regard of the understanding, it is that which the French call revery, our language has scarce a name for it." – John Locke

Procrastination haunts us. Even the most studious amongst us occasionally finds themselves trapped by a lingering daydream or escapist vision; one that absorbs us and removes us from the moment.

But procrastination often masks a industrious subconscious flow. I posit, procrastination is a disconnected deep-thinking, a sub-dreaming, a hidden imagination that trickles in the deepest caves of our brains, which eventually join the conscious rivers of our mind.

It's procrastination that is to blame for the tectonic elegance heard on the debut collaborative effort from Italian musician Fabio Orsi and Australian laptopper Pimmon. After discovering a mutual admiration for their respective outputs, the two decided a collaboration was in order. Before long, Orsi passed Pimmon a set of recordings Pimmon felt "were, in my mind, fully realised". Considering them as finished pieces, Pimmon was flummoxed as to what he might bring to the collaboration and he entered, as he calls it, "a zone of procrastination". A deadlock ensued, as Pimmon ploughed through other projects unsure of how to resolve the question of the collaboration.

18 months had passed since the pair first exchanged files and Pimmon, whilst on break along the picturesque Margaret River found himself revisiting the files. Suddenly procrastination broke and the deadlock of directionlessness evaporated. The subconscious trickles had formed rivers and the rivers pounded together creating a tidal wave of sonic ideas that saw Orsi's files transformed in quick succession. The source recordings shattered through a web of Pimmon's processing devolutions, re-arranged and re-edited to reveal an entirely new perspective on Orsi's sonic matter. – Lawrence English

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