Dev79: Bullets Like Come (3d Glasses + Sticker + DL Code)

    Dev79: Bullets Like Come (3d Glasses + Sticker + DL Code)

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  • Artist: Dev79
    Label: Seclusiasis
    Cat No: SECLUSD42MS

Seclusiasis has spent the past decade redefining bass music, and with Bullets Like Come, Seclusiasis bossman, Dev79, once again revises the bass music concept. "Bullets Like Come" opens with chopped vocal hits, glitched synth lines and what sounds like an exhausted typewriter before exploding into a deafening hardcore kick primed for Berghain. Perverse vocal hits resonate above Dev79's masterfully spastic toms and bouncy 90's rave keys. Drawing from Breakcore, Grime, Hardstyle, and Ghettotech he's created a beautiful bass music anomaly. In spite of the myriad of influences, something about Bullets Like Come undeniably shouts "Street Bass." Appropriately, the single is supported by equally expansive remixes from producers who, like Dev79, are blurring genre lines.

The first of the remixers is Trouble & Bass queen bee, Star Eyes, whose disorienting Grime rhythm is accentuated with punishing 808 one shots and swirling snares, all glued together with the punchiest vocal bassline since Yello's "Oh Yeah." Next comes the Netherland's Subp Yao, whose spin on "Bullets Like Come" is almost a throwback to 4x4 Sheffield Bassline, but fused with house keys and Subp Yao's surrealistic soundscapes. Pixelord's flip is a perfect follow up as the Moscow producer embraces the 90's rave aspects of the original and plunges into soulful 2-step garage vibes. From the warmth of Pixelord's remix, one is catapulted into a clubby abyss with Bass Science's anxiously atmospheric rework. Fittingly, Bullets Like Come closes with Footwork madman, Darren Keen, whose remix sounds like an experimental Speak & Spell wrapped in Keen's signature sonic wink and smile.

Since childhood, Dev79 has been a fan of old school anaglyph (red/blue) 3D movies, comics, etc. He'd been wanting to incorporate 3D into a music release for years and this project seemed the perfect time to do it. Limited edition 3D glasses & stickers have been made to accompany the release. They will be available for sale on the Seclusiasis site along with a download code for the EP. Big up to Tim Shaw of New-Low for designing the 3D cover, animation & glasses!