Andrew Marino: Revisiting Cassette

Revisiting marks Marino's first official solo release after several collaborative releases and tours with label-mate Andrew Weathers. Like his photography, Andrew is no stranger to working within a space or limitiation and doing so with an improvisational mindset. In this case, it's working with twenty minutes of tape rather than a frame or available light. Both share another similar quality, which is living in the moment. Made up of recordings dating from 2008 - 2010, the cassette takes us on a journey through the work he has been doing for years he's been quiet. Recorded in homes and studios around Greensboro, the two pieces on this cassette serve as a sort of aural document of the man's time there. Among the improvised guitar drones, details of the location faintly surface, but not often - the drones here are dense and weighty. Marino's sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting sounds might be compared to Oren Ambarchi or Belong. *Physical purchases come with a free digital download coupon from Bandcamp.

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