Sean Mccann & Eric Schmid: St. Paul CD/Book

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Limited Edition of 200 40-page pamphlet, featuring the essay: ONTOLOGICAL WARFARE: Subject as Universal Singularity vs. Object as Statist Particularity by Eric Schmid Photography of St. Paul’s Cathedral by Sean McCann Audio CD, glass-mastered Theod more info

Tim Weidmann: Some Pomes Book

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First Edition, 42 pages, 5" x 7", Perfect-bound, soft-cover, Co-released with Edition Erich Schmid, 100 copies Onward Will it be of any use When Siddhartha seeks new life Or David grips his sling to fight Will it be of any use When Homer sings a tale more info

Angus Carlyle: In The Shadow of The Silent Mountain Book/Download

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*Two A5-format stitched booklets (32 pages and 66 pages) bound in hand-painted vinyl wallet, 50 100-word texts and 33 split-page photographs.* The sounds that comprise this album were recorded in the Picentini mountain range in Southern Italy from 20 more info

VA: Variations DVD

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VARIATIONS includes twelve Canadian moving image and sound artists interpreting Poem (1957) by Michael Snow. The artists selected for this project approached the work from a number of different angles, perspectives and emotions. Snow's poem provided more info

Terence Hannum: Beneath The Remains Book

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*Perfect bound / 76pages* Terence Hannum is a Baltimore, MD based visual artist, musician and writer. Known for his work with the avant-metal band Locrian (Relapse Records). Beneath the Remains is his first novella. After their parents’ acrimonious more info

Ennio Morricone: Morricone Conducts Morricone DVD

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- A genuine première and, over and above that, starring the greatest motion picture composer of the present day: Ennio Morricone - Morricone is well-known to moviegoers - his soundtracks are invariably warmly melodic and superbly suited to the films more info

Joshua Bonnetta: Strange Lines and Distances LP/DVD

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FOR EDUCATIONAL/INSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS PLEASE CONTACT joshua.bonnetta@gmail.com Experimedia Films presents Strange Lines and Distances , an award winning two-channel audio-visual installation by artist Joshua Bonnetta which examines Guglielmo Marconi's more info

Francisco Lopez: Presque Tout Audio DVD

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*7 hours of audio* Francisco López is an artist who has continued to challenge listeners with the fringes of acoustic perception over his 30+ year career. LINE is very happy to finally be releasing works with an artist who has so significantly influ more info

Andrew Weathers Ensemble: What Happens When We Stop (photobook + Download)

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In many ways, "What Happens When We Stop" is not what it seems. On initial appearance, the album is improvised acoustic music built on rural motifs, but once you dig deeper into the new album from Andrew Weathers Ensemble the truths become more elusi more info

Radere: Dreamless (prints + Download)

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Carl Ritger, better known as Colorado-based sound artist Radere, has had a busy few years, with multiple releases located in the catalogs of Basic Sounds, Futuresequence, and Full Spectrum. Though Radere has built a healthy sound palette with ambient more info

Tim Feeney: Weakness (book + Download)

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Weakness is a piece about failure and anxiety. Tim Feeney channels the pressure of the classical music world into an expansive work of stripped-back solo percussion; a single snare drum in a reverberant stairway. Weakness gives us alternating zones o more info

John Grzinich: Two Films DVD

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and/OAR, Maaheli Editions and Paleosol Edition are extremely pleased to present two films by sound artist John Grzinich: Sound Aspects Of Material Elements & Mimema which features cameo appearances by Patrick McGinley (aka Murmer), HItoshi Kojo (aka more info

Andrew Weathers & Andrew Marino: We Don't Have Sun Like This (photobook + Download)

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It has been a little over four years since Andrew Weathers and Andrew Marino began Full Spectrum with their introductory release, Aa. A lot has changed since then, and this project has served as a way for the two to continue to directly create togeth more info

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma / Paul Clipson: Within Mirrors DVD

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many artists within the realm of electronic and ambient music combine film with audio. rarely however, do we find such a highly singular and symbiotic merging of the two forms as occurs in the collaborative efforts between bay area filmmaker paul cli more info

Andrew Weathers Ensemble: Guilford County Songs (Postcard + Download Code)

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Postcard & Digital Download edition of 350. Guilford County Songs is the Andrew Weathers Ensemble's second studio album, an acoustic reinterpretation of Weathers' 2009 solo album A Great Southern City. The album was recorded in an afternoon in Ashevi more info

Jacob Peck: Open Mystery (Zine + Download Code)

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Zine & Digital download edition of 60. Open Mystery is the debut from Full Spectrum newcomer Jacob Peck. Jacob is a uniquely talented guitarist originally from Las Vegas, NV and currently based in Oakland, CA where he studies Improvisation at Mills C more info

Mpld: Lacunae DVD

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mpld's working process is, at first blush, a simple one: two slide projectors aimed at a single screen and microphones to make the mechanisms audible. But like the unclear origins of his images, the realization of his work isn't as simple as that. Wh more info

Various: Playing With Words: Live DVD

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The festival "Playing with Words – Live" presents six internationally renowned artists who put voice and spoken word into the center of their performance. Listen to sound poetry, Celtic world music, electronically processed voices, or hear about th more info

Andy Graydon: Geomancy CD/DVD

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01. untitled_12'12 02. untitled_02'11 03. untitled_04'38 04. untitled_03'32 05. untitled_04'40 06. untitled_03'09 07. untitled_21'47 DVD 01.Farwanderer [2009] _08'43 02.Surroundings (the ship,the shoal,the shore) [2005] _06'47 play movie 03.Focal Pla more info

Kgb: Noise Forest (24bit Audio DVD)

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24bit 96khz audio dvd Noise Forest is the latest performance project by the KGB trio, following 2008`s release Smoke on Devil`s Mountain; a recording comprised of performances and field recordings made at an abandoned NSA station in Berlin. The Noise more info