Vlad Dobrovolski: The Drums of The Fore and Aft LP

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“Drums of Fore and Aft” – a new record from Moscow based sound artist Vladislav Dobrovolski, member of tape-duo S A D and synth-trio kurvenschrei- ber. New album is second with the own name on the cover after EP Breathers– limited series of l more info

Silk Saw: Parallel Landscapes LP

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This limited edition black vinyl comes in poly-linned inner sleeve and sleeve with unique illustrations by Russian street-artist and contains tracks specially selected by Silk Saw for vinyl edition. Limited to 300 copies. A?ter 9 years of silence, he more info

Silk Saw: Imaginary Landscapes CD

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After 9 years of silence, here's the 11th album from the unclassifiable Brussels-based duo. With their usual tamping drums (just mention the two parts of "The Decision to Exist" or "Same Area", led by a ferocious 808), a regular bass guitar hammering more info

Burstbot: Memory Imprints LP

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*RED VINYL* *Pressed on black and translucent red vinyl with a custom jacket featuring stunning illustration. Limited edition 325 copies.* Today there strong debates questioning about the extraordinary breakthroughs in science such as in biology, clo more info

Brinstaar: Testarossa LP

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320 numbered copies, black 12' vinyl packed into holographic jacket. Testarossa is third studio album by Brinstaar. He says that this album is dedicated to redheaded blue-skinned Goddess. This work is reflecting Brinstaar's deep and emotional chase f more info

Papa Srapa / ::vtol::: Joyful Breeze / Ramzan 2LP

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Double 180g LP packed in two disco-sleeves. All in transparent plastic slipcase with silk print and ziplock. Limited to 300 copies. ::vtol:: is the project of Dmitry Morozov, Moscow media artist, musician and engineer of strange sounding mechanisms. more info