5 Little Elephants: I Cassette

A new project from Charles-Eric Charrier and Neil Carlill, 5 Little Elephants is a varied abstraction of folk styles that is long on imagination and short on predictable pop styles. The album feels splendidly dislodged in time and removed from recent trends as well as storied histories. Instead of fitting into these stereotypes, Charrier and Carlill spend the ten songs on their debut album charting their own territory, from lo-fi acoustic plucks ("Twain") and nine minute psychedelic excursions ("Henri Michaux") to clanging, percussive bells ("Feel the Monster Magnet") and giddy, fast-paced instrumentals ("Felt Cabinet"). The lyrics are alternately sung in French and English, but no matter what language the lyrics are in 5 Little Elephants make it feel like they're being matched to a melody for the first time. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia
It floats on in; the debut release of the collaborative efforts between France's composer and multi-instrumentalist Charles-Eric Charrier and now US-based but UK-born singer and writer Neil Carlill. Entitled 5 Little Elephants, this twisting & turning little gem of a record sits with a sort of psychologically-damaged ease somewhere in between folk, pop, and musique concrète. Known for his longform & minimal-yet-lush jazz and ambient works, Charrier serves up a bed of sometimes delicate, sometimes hectic instrumentation and manipulation while Carlill intones and breathes life into winding words of dazed wisdom. Five little elephants, one of them is red - this tape will have you singing the spectrum of every shade in between.