Concessionaires: Artificial Interface LP

Artificial Interface is a fitting title for the anticipated new album from Concessionaires (Digitalis' Brad Rose and Greenup's Pete Fosco), a long player on the machine uprising just released by Under the Spire. "Mirrorshades" evokes a reflective robot head, spitting binary that decodes as "Skynet is awake and pissed." Synthetic dewdrops and screeches blanket nuclear snow w/ occasional percussion and yarning synthesizer voices screaming that mourning song of robot rebellion. This is the moment when the supercomputer addresses the populace. The machine ambiguously breaks apart toward the end of "Mirrorshades," is this retreat or retaliation? The quick follow of the long pad in "Live Angel" introduces the human resistance as viable player. Pulses and a buried synthesizer melody debrief the rebels for deploy of "Gazelocked" where the armies line against synthetic, trace glow landscapes and crumbled skylines. Minimal martial percussion propels the album forward and "Introducing Rocket Nights" finds the humans musing on the situationÑtechnological evolution and the synthetic basis in organic life are campsite chats as Artificial Interface's situation comes to focus. Rose and Fosco have created a concept album that addresses the relationship between humans and technology without creating a concept album at all. The music is strong enough to evoke its own tale and meticulously crafted, able to maintain momentum through polars of bleakness and hope. Artificial Interface pulls back the reinforced cybernetic shell at timesÑexposing raw ambient, pure soundscapes, and echoes of classic era ambient composers wandering among forward-moving technique and composition. Artificial Interface is singular album of mixed emotion and modernity. It ends w/ "Sparkler," wailing guitar pulls, buried ambience, and ominous percussion while stuttering synthesizer and ether pads drift the album off to ambiguity. The thoughts and emotions elicited throughout the duration of Artificial Interface are not permitted a formal response, but instead allowed to wander anew and lingering in the mind of the listener. - Curt Brown for Experimedia
Concessionaires is the duo of Brad Rose and Pete Fosco. Brad is of course the mastermind of the esteemed Digitalis label and Foxy Digitalis webzine and is known also for his many musical projects, such as The North Sea, Charlatan, Altar Eagle, just to name a few. Pete is a guitarist born in Cincinnati Ohio and now resides on the other side of the Ohio river in Kentucky...he also plays in Early Tunnels with Jon Lorenz and as a sometimes guest member of Wasteland Jazz Ensemble. In the spring of 2010 and 2011 the Foscos made a road trip to Digitalis headquarters for the purpose of building friendships, sharing brews, and recording some messy synthesizer meets Fender Telecaster jams. After a few tape releases on Gift Tapes and Dial Square Tapes the boys decided it was time to do an LP. The always stellar Matt McDowell (Sagas, Waterfinder, Biological Radio) was kind enough to mix, remix and master from hours of long jams, and Artificial Interface is the result.