Triode: One Way Voice Link Cassette

    Triode: One Way Voice Link Cassette

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  • Artist: Triode
    Label: False
    Cat No: FALSE002CS

Limited pro dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes in deluxe hand stamped cotton lined kraft jewelry boxes with vellum belly bands and inserts.

Tortured radio signals fed and feedback induced machinations spill outward in echoed static waves. A schematic representation of a face, as electrical current becomes self-aware and struggles to communicate the terror of existence. Rolling hills of fuzz, haunted house drones and clamber, radar bleeps across stretched voltage. Ghost voices summoned in arcane electricity and underwater piano toward dirt covered choral, the resonating frequency of abused radio. Dynamic noise that veers toward harshness and pulls back to ambient gloom, One Way Voice Link is a portrait painted in broken radio motion.

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