Billy Gomberg: Quiet Barrier CD

    Billy Gomberg: Quiet Barrier CD

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  • Artist: Billy Gomberg
    Label: Rest+Noise
    Cat No: R+N005CD

The formation of a different language takes place on 'Quiet Barrier': flickering rhythms, receding walls of electronic sound, and warped melodic figures occupy the space where words and terminology once stood. It's a process that Brooklyn-based Billy Gomberg has inhabited before with releases on such labels as Experimedia, and/OAR, and The Land Of. Here, with synthesizers and custom digital processing, Gomberg arrives at a complex album of shifting tones, kaleidoscopic hues, and crackling debris that flows with a clear, exacting vision.

Though wholly electronic in execution, 'Quiet Barrier' is not designed, sequenced, or digitally overwrought. It is music that is played and constructed in real-time, relying on a moment to moment interaction between musician and instrument. Such an approach explains in part why 'Quiet Barrier' unfolds with an unmitigated motion, propelling itself forward in a linear manner. The outcome, like any good narrative, is a sound that can't be rushed or interrupted, only followed and absorbed. 'Quiet Barrier' follows the 2009 collaboration with Offthesky, 'Flyover Sound,' which was nominated for the Paris-based Qwartz electronic music award in experimentation and research.

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