Lento: Icon LP

    Lento: Icon LP

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  • Artist: Lento
    Label: Denovali
    Cat No: DEN094LP

LENTO's first album EARTHEN has received great attention and rave reviews, so their long-awaited second album had to be confronted with high expectations - these expectations are easily met and exceeded by ICON. The foundations for ICON had been laid during two years of intense touring in Europe. In this time, LENTO have started to develop a more chaotic and restructured songwriting. This new level of sound has then been perfected during numerous hard rehearsels in the touring period, and has been deepened in a period of one year, which LENTO spent isolated in their home-based studio. In that year, LENTO managed to cast the molten outcome of their creative process into ten new songs.

Matteo Spinazze (Zu/Original Silence/Fm Einheit) has led the drum tracking, while Lorenzo Stecconi (Lento/Ufomammut/Lloyd Turner) has taken care of guitars/basses and the final mixing flow at his Locomotore Recording Studio in Rome (IT). Finally, the songs went to James Plotkin (Khanate), whoh has taken care of the mastering process in Philadelphia (US).

The final result are 10 tracks with a total running time of 37 minutes. On ICON, LENTO explore a new range of emotions and feelings, and build up a very deep and dark universe driven by their usual postcore fury. Already with EARTHEN, LENTO convinced their listeners by being one of the most overwhelming and mind-blowing bands of today. On ICON, the song structures have been particularly developed to repeat and strongly strengthen this impression.


vinyl: 180g; thick gatefold sleeves
cd: nice digipak cd

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