Terminal Sound System: Heavy Weather 2LP

Unique mix of ambient, industrial, experimental trip hop, jazz and electronica: Formed in a dingy Melbourne warehouse at the turn of the century, Terminal Sound System began as a vehicle for Skye Klein, half of Relapse Records cult doom/noise duo HALO, to explore his interest in experimental electronic music and Dub. Eight albums later, TSS has expanded to include live instrumentation and synchronious video projection, merging epic doom, post-rock and jazz with electronica, drum'n'bass and heavy dub into a style wholly unique. Ostensibly a studio project, Terminal Sound System takes on new life as a live entity, infusing hyperprecise digital audio with the energy of rock & metal, all presented before synchronised video projection.

Terminal Sound System's ninth album and first for Germany's Denovali Records called Heavy Weather kicks the doomy shoegazing headphase into top gear, draping layers of detuned drone & dissonance over beds of swampy synths and meticulous rhythms. Created over a period of a year using everything from custom-programmed software instruments to a miced-up room full of feeding back amplifiers, Heavy Weather represents the ultimate realisation thus far of Klein's mission with TSS: complete and uncompromising immersion.

vinyl: 180g; thick gatefold sleeves
cd: digipak

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