Charles-Eric Charrier: Oldman CD/Book

Limited deluxe edition. Cd (silk screen sleeve) + a booklet of 24 pages with drawings and the lyrics of Charles-Eric, printed by the Dutch company Extrapool on an a stencil machine.

Oldman is a work by Charles-Eric Charrier commissioned by the label Joint Venture Records – a commission made for our own pleasure, motivated by a deep desire to listen to Charles-Eric's music presented in the most simple, and most profound manner. The idea took shape after having worked on different projects together: the CD "Gold & Wax" by Lokka which he produced, "Stay Gold" and "Two Head Bis Bis" in which some of us participated, and "Koima" by Sidi Touré, where Charles-Eric accompanies the guitarist from Mali on the bass. The principle: to record an acoustic album with his favorite instrument, the bass, in basic conditions: a chair in the middle of a room, some mikes and one single day of recording; all this to aim at the purest sound, explaining as little as possible while plunging into one's deepest self.

From this recording session evolved an album that is simple, intimate and sober, with Charles-Eric's grating voice in evidence, somewhere between instrumental folk and popular tale, African blues and haiku, "chanson francaise" and contemporary music.

It does not matter what style, what label might be applied to define the music: Charles-Eric Charrier goes beyond the genres, does not recognize boundaries, mixes the metaphors and this time around, more than usual, brings his melodies to the fore. That's also the comment of Covalesky, who produced the recording: "It was a pleasure to work on this melodic side which he rarely exposes – to aim for the essential, for the heart of his music, and to expose his talent as a composer, a songwriter".

The more so since the music, the words, sometimes spoken, sometimes murmured, follow this uncluttered path. No psychological introspection or holiday shots; Charles-Eric Charrier has looked back on his past and has assembled memories and sensations, those that have stayed inside through their intensity and their perfect state. Just perceptions, no intellect, just the present instant, without explanation, a voyage of the senses to his home town, Les Sables d'Olonnes, a fishing port in the Vendée region of France which has become a holiday resort. In the music as in the words you can hear the sea, the life at the port, the ocean winds, the boats that sway on the water, the wood cracking; you see the sun, the hot sand, the forms of a woman, you smell the freshly cut grass, the sea before the storm. Everything is in suspense.

While he composed and recorded the tracks, Charles-Eric has created drawings, some of which have been coloured by his wife, Béatrice Templé. Rather than being an illustration of the music, this is a second path, complementary to the album, another possibility, a digression, all in roundness, in curves, in simple lines.

The album is on release including a booklet of 24 pages with drawings and the lyrics of Charles-Eric, printed by the Dutch company Extrapool on an a stencil machine. It also exists in a "low cost" version (CD and cover, without booklet) for those that need to pay attention to their expenditure. The release will coincide with a concert on April 22 at the Pannonica in Nantes, where Charles-Eric will be joined by Cyril Secq on guitar and Covalesky on percussion.

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