Samuel Kerridge: The Silence Between Us 12\"

Sam Kerridge launches a major rethink of his style with high-velocity tempos and a razor-toothed bite. Toiling somewhere between Ueno Masaaki's Vortices (R-N 117EP, 2014), the pitching pelt of La Peste for Hangars Liquides, and the machine convulsions of Somatic Responses, he goes balls-to-the-wall with the breakneck momentum of "Possession/Control", harnessing reverse-edited kicks, helter-skelter EBM bass, and spectrographic noise. Knotty, strobing pulses keen through empty stomach inversions and bursts of tangled EBM synths on "Ascension", whilst "Radical Possibilities Of Pleasure" sounds like a field recording from a French hardtek invaded by dildo dibble in choppers.