Carmen Villain: Infinite Avenue CD

We’re all on our own unique emotional road trips. Infinite Avenue happens to be CARMEN VILLAIN's. Here she is, holed up in the Motel Nowheresville, unpacking a suitcase full of stories of guilt, desire, rage, apathy, love and friendship, loneliness, nature, inner demons and other tales of twenty-first century womanhood. Carmen Villain is half-Norwegian and half-Mexican, born in the USA and now living in Oslo, Norway, having moved back after living in London for a few years. She has a lot of stories to tell. A makeshift studio, an infinite avenue. Writing, recording and producing alone, Carmen’s intensely personal songs are entirely self-created, made up of tapestries of guitar, piano, programmed drums and synths, making the most she could out of her limited gear. Her music, her rules… Once she had arrived at enough tracks for a follow-up album to 2013’s ‘Sleeper,’ some of them were mixed with experimental house producer Matt Karmil and “Quietly” was treated by noise improviser HELGE STEN (aka DEATHPROD).

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