Braeyden Jae: Fog Mirror LP

On Fog Mirror, SLC based musician Braden McKenna, has crafted a weighted, textural album of architectural drone punctuated with stirring washes of crackling static and arcing tones that gather like visible precipitation on an early morning windshield. Fog Mirror is braeyden jae's most deliberately paced, emotionally resonant record to date; the aural equivalent of watching a thick gray blanket envelop some distant, cliffed coastline

Braeyden Jae is an SLC-based musician creating ambient music of great weight and movement. Recontextualizing the bass guitar to create oceanic swells of eliding sound awash in obscured inputs and sanded outputs. Braeyden has created music under his name and dozens of monikers and in conjunction with several other creatives calling Salt Lake City home including Stag Hare, Silver Antlers and Seven Feathers Rainwater. Braden has acquired an impressive oeuvre of tape releases on important American and International imprints including: Patient Sounds, Bridgetown Records, A Giant Fern, Spring Break Tapes!, Hel Audio, Phinery,Wounded Knife, Geology, BARO and Horror Fiction, as well as Inner Islands - a tape label Braden founded.

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