Indek: Ghost Archive (cassette + Download)

    Indek: Ghost Archive (cassette + Download)

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  • Artist: Indek
    Label: Dream Disc Records
    Cat No: DD004CS


*Limited Cassette edition - includes immediate download.* “A startling, fractured take on post-industrial grime and IDM sent through an open cenobite portal, Jeremy Bible's alter-ego, Indek, has created one of the most challenging and intriguing albums of 2015. With electronic beats tuned to insinkerator at irregular intervals and pregnant pauses that make the oncoming onslaught hit even harder, Ghost Archive's low-end and stuttering, harshened beats keep coming with machine gun tenacity. Not afraid to let beats speed into a bright mechanical death in some blaze of glory, tracks like "Mastoid" do a lot to gain a brilliant sense of compositional authority over a middle that often cannot be held. The track breaks and and then rebuilds upon itself with a oceanic regularity of waves of data or a post-cataclysmic wave off toxic sludge. Ghost Archive allows us to experience music from well within the machine, a stirring guttural cry of digital angst. These calls are coming from within the house.” - Tome To The Weather Machine

A museum of digital modern avante-garde impressionistic sound. Indek registers nine diagrammatic blueprints of haunted granular soundscapes on his latest LP Ghost Archive, each a unique illusion. The tangible 'net concrete' essence of this work is an odd juxtaposition to the phantasmagoria of the constantly shifting industrial environments rendered. The record is comparable to a sculpture that animates spontaneously before ones eyes, or a bizarre assemblage of spectral metallic busts dissipating and coagulating ad nauseum.