Taylor | Grosse: Tourbillon Solo CD

Tourbillon Solo presents a restless panoply of ever-shifting colour, one whose seven pieces challenge the listener’s sense of orientation in their repeated changes in position. In a project that offers an unusual take on the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s “Ancient-to-the-Future” ethos, the merging of multiple timbres and styles makes for an arresting and consistently engaging listening experience. – Textura

The big news isn’t the sweet pelog barang tuning that suffuses the outing — rather, it’s Darwin Grosse’s move from the mastering engineer to producer of Gregory’s earlier work to collaborator on this recording, reflected in a wider range of materials, from the elegant analog synthesis that underpins Gregory’s usual restrained clockwork, to the inclusion of new sources: Andrew Pask’s reed work on “The Velocity of Rumour” and Mike Metlay’s Mellotron and secretly-sourced sampling on “Weaving All Night”. The titles of these tracks conjure the ghost of a narrative that harks back to an era when recordings were understood as a sequence of pieces whose implied storyline functions as a kind of travelogue for imaginary fieldwork — A headlong gallop to nocturnal communities who live at the base of the holy mountain and tune their radios to mysterious transmissions, resulting in valuable research which must be returned to the security of the hotel safe at all costs.