VA: Astro:Dynamics CD

    VA: Astro:Dynamics CD

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  • Artist: VA
    Label: Astro:Dynamics
    Cat No: ADCD01CD

The inaugural release on the label that has since spawned artists such as Vessel, 1991, Best Available Technology and more. The 16 track compilation, imaginatively titled Astro:Dynamics, was released in June 2010 and featured all previously unreleased works from the likes of Lukid, Mike Slott, Slugabed, The Blessings, Subeena, and the very first appearance from BNJMN (who then went on to release two acclaimed LPs for Rush Hour), amongst many others. The release serves as a intriguing snapshot of a loosing-assembled music scene in a period of flux - with a range of the artists in the initial stages of moving distinctly towards the dancefloor; from the transformation of the sampled beats of Jackhigh into the house/techno leaning BNJMN, through to the 4/4 heavy moves of Subeena (now Alis) on 'Rakeeh'.

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