Weightausend: Meet Your Doom (green Death) LP

    Weightausend: Meet Your Doom (green Death) LP

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  • Artist: Weightausend
    Label: Haunter Records
    Cat No: SPCTR05LP

In a way, Matthias Girardi’s second release for Haunter Records as Weightausend is a piece of speculative fiction, referencing horror by making its mechanics very evident, albeit clouded in electronic pot smoke. It is a 4 track EP on which every element of music is presented along its deformed replica. On “Green Death”, the dub-infused manipulation of sound through echo and reverb builds a space for the beat to traverse like a ghastly presence. Its companion “Drip Dub” version dims the light even more, adding echoes of videogame violence. On the other side, the cripple cinematics of “Meet Your Doom” bring on a tribal insurrection, with jungle extremist Christoph De Babalon’s remix of the track left to lurk after the massacre is consumed.

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