3d!T / Queaver: Neck Romance 12\"

Horror Boogie has combined two firm favourites for their fourth release:: Sick of techno taking itself too seriously, 3D!T aka Ed Giles decided to start writing music that was different to the endless sea of uninteresting records on offer, injecting large doses of humour and originality to his sound. Ed is an integral part of the wonky scene, earning his solid reputation and major respect through releases on Ugly Funk, Shed, Don't, Coin Op, Miditonal and with his insane live sets of glitchy, breaky, wobbly, jacking, warped techno… A1 - ''Giant Chickens'' has been a big track in his live sets for some time now. This carnival of wonk always sets the crowd off. A2 - ''The Thing'' is a bass heavy, driving track with intense ravey stabs. Formerly one half of Queaver and Versis, who had several big releases, most notably on Miditonal and were known for their crazy hardware live sets, Queaver keeps the typical Q&V sound alive enlarged with analog synthesizers and 8-bit sounds coming from the classic paddle game boy. B1 - ''Yeah or !'' is a slice of great jacking techno, with its skippy hats and stabs that have an almost Detroit-esque feel to them. B2 - ''Work Me'' is a pounding, peak-time jacking monster, with slamming kicks and that trademark Queaver sound.