Steve Roach: Skeleton Keys [expanded Edition] Cassette

    Steve Roach: Skeleton Keys [expanded Edition] Cassette

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  • Artist: Steve Roach
    Label: Origin Peoples
    Cat No: OP006CS

The LA-based Origin Peoples label will be releasing an expanded edition of the album Skeleton Keys by ambient pioneer Steve Roach later this year. Recorded in 2015 at Roach’s famed Baja Arizona Timeroom studio, Skeleton Keys was realized on a large format analog modular system that he assembled himself. Organic, fluid and intuitively kneaded into his spooling soundscapes, it’s now being committed to cassette for the first time, elongating the original 74-minute duration.

A prolific composer with a discography of over 100 albums recorded since 1982, including influential classics 'Structures from Silence' and 'Dreamtime Return,' Roach continues to be an innovator in the evolution of atmospheric electronic music. Past performances and works include collaborations with the likes of Robert Rich, Jorge Reyes and Suso Sáiz, to name a few.

“Skeleton Keys connects directly to my first love in electronic music,” Roach tells. “This form of music creates a living portal to a unique place in consciousness, emotion, body awareness and expansion of perception. It’s a place that can only be reached by way of this genre and these instruments, in particular the sequencer: a tool common within electronic music since early in its inception. I have been obsessed with the sound this instrument facilitates since my arrival as a composer in the late 70’s.”

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