Mj Lallo: The Channeled Voice Cassette

Kicking off Full Spectrum’s 2017 release schedule is a very special reissue from California voice artist MJ Lallo. Originally self-released in a hyper-limited run back in 1988, we stumbled across a copy of the original cassette in a dusty storage closet and became deeply enamored with its minimalist exotica. Eventually, we tracked Lallo down and managed to convince her to allow us to give these sounds new life.

Occupying a rarefied aesthetic that falls somewhere between the soundtrack from Terry Gilliam’s classic surrealist film ‘Brazil’ and a particularly adventurous incarnation of Stereolab jamming with Jon Hassell in the Fourth World, this is music that is refreshingly bizarre and without pretense. Constructed using a basic drum machine and processed vocals, the album’s simplistic sonic palette belies the complexity of its content; as Lallo’s voice is stretched and mutated into alien forms, shuffling Linn Drum rhythms ground the proceedings in our reality.

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