Ametsub: Mbira Lights 1 EP CD

    Ametsub: Mbira Lights 1 EP CD

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  • Artist: Ametsub
    Label: Nothings66
    Cat No: N66EPP001CD

While his first two records ‘The Nothings of The North’ and ‘All is Silence’ continue to grow acclaim, Ametsub is set to release new EP. This rare Array Mbira (custom made) centered record is the most conceptual release from Ametsub to date. Instead of relying on the traditional composition based on overdubbing, it boasts the dynamic basslines and intricate beat, completed with the variety of effects including the state-of-the-art reverb. Despite the mysterious and complex tone of the mbira, this record never fall into the exoticism of world music. The mbira's enchanting melody melt into a dreamy ambience, and the way it merges with the repetitive rhythm is like a mysterious trip to the unknown world. Ametsub has always separated himself from the trend, and he’s going to prove his unique vision once again with this concept EP. It’s completed with 2 superb remixes from Seefeel (Warp Records) and Austin Cesear (Opal Tapes, Proibito).

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