Barnacles: One Single Sound CD

Barnacles is a new project from the Italian musician Matteo Uggeri. In the last ten years he released music under many pseudonyms, teaming with Controlled Bleeding, M.B., Deison, Luca Sigurtà, If,Bwana, Giuseppe Ielasi, Nicola Ratti, Mukjika Easel, OvO and many more. Since 2000 is member of the unclassifiable band Sparkle in Grey. Barnacles project filters recordings made by himself and his associates for other projects and creates something wholly ‘other’. There is a sense of voyeurism and manipulation deep below the music’s surface but also something much less sinister - there is care, a deftness and clarity of thought. This is the sound of shifting meanings where unassociated performances are given a new life, a new relationship.