From The Mouth of The Sun: Woven Tide CD

"Out of the charred embers of dusk Woven Tide emerges with an incandescent glow. Each glimmer cast by the sustained notes of ebony keys, the taut strings of the cello, and the rampant buzz of guitar lights our way, gives us hope, brings us into the dawn of a new day. As From The Mouth of the Sun, the duo act as our torchbearers, scrawling messages along the walls of an elongated cave, toiling through the decayed remnants of fetid matter to create eight illuminating pieces. The listener, who has wiled away the hours, will find a door; Woven Tide will be the light out of the darkness." - Michael Vitrano / Desire Path Recordings

Pieces from Woven Tide as well as solo work by Aaron Martin accompanies the new documentary film by Lost Hill Picture's Ross McDonnell and Carter Gunn for Fastnet Films, Remember Me, My Ghost, which is currently touring the film festival circuit.?McDonnell and Carter are most recently known for their award winning documentary film Colony which documents the unexplainable phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder that has left landscapes of empty beehives all across America, and also features music by Aaron Martin.? An upcoming short film by McDonnell and Carter featuring Color Loss from Woven Tide will be included on an upcoming Wholpin DVD magazine published by McSweeney's.

Since 2005 Gothenburg, Sweden based musician Dag Rosenqvist's work has graced imprints including Miasmah, Fang Bomb, Under The Spire, Lampse, Lidar, Slaapwel, Kning Disk, Dead Pilot Records, Lowpoint, and Rural Colors.

Since 2006 Topeka, Kansas based composer Aaron Martin's work has found its rightful home on labels such as Preservation, Mobeer, Experimedia, Type, Under The Spire, and Sonic Meditations. Aaron's most recent solo album, Worried About The Fire, is also available from Experimedia.

The Crossing
Pools of Rust
Color Loss
My Skin Drinks Light That Has Passed through Leaves
Sitting in a Roofless Room
Like Shadows in an Empty Cathedral
A Season in Waters
Snow Burial (While Blue Skies Gather)

All music recorded and mixed in Gothenburg, SE and Topeka, KS by Dag Rosenqvist and Aaron Martin June - December 2010.

Cover artwork & layout by Chris Koelle.
Mastered by Taylor Deupree.

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