Kgb: Noise Forest (24bit Audio DVD)

    Kgb: Noise Forest (24bit Audio DVD)

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  • Artist: Kgb
    Label: Aural Terrains
    Cat No: TRRN0309CT

24bit 96khz audio dvd

Noise Forest is the latest performance project by the KGB trio, following 2008`s release Smoke on Devil`s Mountain; a recording comprised of performances and field recordings made at an abandoned NSA station in Berlin.

The Noise Forest environment was created in Berlin during the weeks before the two day long performance. Involving found objects, metal constructions, machines, contact microphones and various traditional instruments. The Audience was invited to enter the environment from above through a ladder leading from Chef Manuel Czech`s kitchen.

Recorded Live at Die Remise, Berlin - Nov 22/23 2008

Founded in 2004, KGB makes music using digital, electrical and acoustic instruments, creating music incorporating field recordings and processing, and performs as a trio and with an orchestra of improvising musicians. The Swiss Pharmaceuticals CD was released in 2005 on Utech records. Hennebhl and Dougherty have been working together in various Berlin experimental/noise outfits (Idiot Switch, Oktoschloks, Control, "Wendel Collective"), and perform with Cascone as KGB whenever Kim comes to Europe. The group has played venues across Europe including Instants Chavirez (Paris), FIM (Basel), Ausland (Berlin) and SKOP (Frankfurt). Kim Cascone studied electronic music at the Berklee College of Music and the New School in Manhattan. He founded Silent Records in 1985 and has released more than 30 albums of electronic music on Silent, Sub Rosa, Mille Plateaux and Raster-Noton. Cascone has performed with Merzbow, Keith Rowe, Scanner, John Tilbury, Tony Conrad, Pauline Oliveros and worked on two David Lynch films as Assistant Music Editor. Cascone founded the microsound list in 1999 and has written articles on post-digital aesthetics for Computer Music Journal and Contemporary Music Review. Guido Hennebhl builds and performs on his own analogue and electronic instruments. He has performed across Europe with artists such as Travis Just, Alwynne Pritchard and works in the groups Idiot Switch and the Oktoschlocks. Brendan Dougherty was born in Philadelphia and has been located in Berlin since 2002. He works as a composer and performer in the areas of improvised music, jazz, and collaborates often with Dance and Theater Productions. He has worked with the likes of Jeremy Wade, Billy Bang, Aleks Kolkowski, Jon Rose.