VA: Liquified Sky (data DVD)

    VA: Liquified Sky (data DVD)

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  • Artist: VA
    Label: Line
    Cat No: LINE063DVD

LINE is pleased to announce its latest edition featuring astoundingly detailed audio/visual works by six internationally recognized artists: Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand (RU/US), COH (RU), Paul Prudence (UK), Francisco López (ES), and Asmus Tietchens (DE).

The fluidity and even the granularity of light can be unfolded by the senses through active attunement coupled with meticulously orchestrated conditions. Though formerly considered impossible to imagine, let alone perceive, recently, a variety of quantum behavior has been observed on macroscopic scales, from colloidal liquids to biological systems. Liquified Sky documents a series of artworks that pierce this slippery, mesoscopic threshold, departing from the antiquated cult of the illusory, solid-state image.

The sensorial demands of processing quantum behavior incite adaptive resonances, comprising a multidimensional perceptual navigator. Though brains have been compared to clocks, telegraphs, computers and holograms, they are "not like any artificial machine. If anything, they are like natural self-organizing processes such as stars and hurricanes." [W. Freeman, Neurodynamics: An Exploration in Mesoscopic Brain Dynamics] Occurring on many different scales of time and space, cascades of standing and traveling waves outline the adaptively resonating lattice of intercellular communication. These resonances can be finely tuned through a mesoscopic self-observation system, which translates quantum harmonic pattern, phase and amplitude recognition across the cerebrospinal sea of neuromodulators.

Dedicated to Slava Tsukerman

DUE TO THE DETAILED NATURE OF THESE WORKS, THIS EDITION IS A DATA DVD CONTAINING HIGH RESOLUTION AUDIO/VISUAL FILES. To ensure proper playback, these files will need to be transferred from the data dvd to a hard drive. They can then be viewed in a variety of programs including Itunes and Quicktime. (did I mention its GORGEOUS?)

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