Terence Hannum: Beneath The Remains Book

*Perfect bound / 76pages* Terence Hannum is a Baltimore, MD based visual artist, musician and writer. Known for his work with the avant-metal band Locrian (Relapse Records). Beneath the Remains is his first novella.

After their parents’ acrimonious divorce brothers Galen and Spencer are moved to South-West Florida by their mother and new stepdad. It is the early 1990s and the brothers were told of a land of sunshine and a fresh start that they quickly discover rests on a weak foundation. When death-metal obsessed brother Spencer goes missing, what Galen finds alone on his BMX as he sulks and searches, for himself as much as his missing brother, is a landscape darker and more bleak than he expected. In Galen's new city something primordial seethes beneath the surface of planned housing developments, evangelical churches, bored teenagers, shopping malls, retirees, and white-sand beaches. Something as dark as the secret Galen cannot share.