Lexithime: Stroll Into The Shade For A Moment CD

    Lexithime: Stroll Into The Shade For A Moment CD


  • Artist: Lexithime
    Label: SRA
    Cat No: SRA022CD

1. In Despite of Horizon (19:44)
2. A Silent Chamber Below (10:08)
3. Waiting Somewhere (10:06)
4. Another Minute for a Never Ending (7:04)

I began composing this album with the idea to define an area in shadow; I imagined this shaded place to be surrounded by light.
Because my music has quite an architectural process, I need to be thinking about a peculiar space, moment, or land which inspires me. The title, "Stroll into the Shade for a Moment", is extracted from the book "Heart of Darkness" by the English author Joseph Conrad and is a perfect phrase for creating this environment as an image, the precise image I needed in my mind for creating these sound-works.

The opening track contains a field recording from a walk along a school next to a park in close proximity to where I live in Hackney.
It was a sunny, winter day where the children were coming in masses out of the school to go home. The recording sounds remind us of an urban environment close to nature; people sharing a moment of happiness and freedom before returning to their home. From there, the tone changes to describe the color of the room where we feel secure, at ease; having time for yourself out of the sun and under a blanket.

While composing, I was also writing the title of each track as a poem to correspond with these imaginary shades. They were given an order; a reason for each piece to have a place of significance on this album.

"Stroll into the shade for a moment in despite of horizon, A silent chamber below waiting somewhere another minute for a never ending."

East London

All tracks have been written and recorded by Alexis Bechu with the processing of piano, cello, chord organ, digital-recorder, and sine waves.

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