Mousecop: Greatest Hits Volume 2 Cassette

    Mousecop: Greatest Hits Volume 2 Cassette

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  • Artist: Mousecop
    Label: Rubber City Noise
    Cat No: RCN1E12CS

Debut tape from Mousecop sees the duo of Joshua Novak (Faangface, Griefhound) and Curt Brown (Black Unicorn, Cane Swords) going beyond thunderdome. Organic, synthetic, and processed sounds mingle in the uncanny valley, briefly forming structures dismantled by strange flickers of hypnosis and dream. 45 minutes of weird rhythms and drones, looping patterns of voice, synthesizer, guitar, flute, and samples amid spinning ouroboroses and mise en abyme drones from strange caterpillars inching across the void. Limited edition of 50 Infinity Series cassettes w/ insert and digital download.

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