Alexandr Vatagin: Serza LP

    Alexandr Vatagin: Serza LP

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  • Artist: Alexandr Vatagin
    Label: Valeot
    Cat No: VALEOT015LP

For Alexandre Vatagin's third outing on his own Valeot imprint, he adopts sounds from a host of collaborators that bring a truck load of electro-acoustic instruments into his sonic landscapes. The contributions range from messy electronic intrusions to regal piano chords, but, to Vatagin's credit, he never loses control or authority over his simmering laptop-riddled pieces. "Mantova" is a perfect example as Martin Siewert and David Schwaighart contribute to a meshing of crushed digital ephemera, drum kit eruptions, and chiming electric guitars. The track could take on a cliched post-rock disposition, but "Serza" never devolves into that genre. Vatagin's work maintains a high standard throughout, whether that means exploring neo-classical motifs or snarling electronic noise. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia
"Serza" is Alexandr Vatagins third solo album. It combines the analogue and tender atmosphere of "Valeot" with the harsh, yet subtle digital electronics of "Shards" and is attesting to a consequent development towards maturity in sound and structure. The album features a huge spectrum of common as well as unusual instruments and friends from all over the world including Martin Siewert (Radian, Trapist), Hideki Umezawa (Pawn), James Yates (Epic 45, Pattern Theory), Fabian Pollack, Giulio Aldinucci and all Tupolev members.

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