Kdb(Uo): Loss/Gain (cassette + Download)

    Kdb(Uo): Loss/Gain (cassette + Download)

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  • Artist: Kdb(Uo)
    Label: Rubber City Noise
    Cat No: RCN011CS


*Includes immediate download.* Two longform electro-acoustic compositions from Toledo's KBD(uo). Percussion and abstract synthesizer elements fit side by side in a new aural cosmology, behold a trance, and the cymbal is reduced to homonym or symbol in the archetypal plane. That's what KBD(uo) does. Michael Kimaid and Gabe Beam make fearless forward sounds, they are timbral safarists in jungles of sound, aural alchemists transmuting the organic and electronic to novel hybrid state. Loss/Gain moves in territories ranging from the unrelentingly uncanny to the sublimely ecstatic and remains a glimpse of a hidden world, a rare catalog of conjured soundforms and evolving ether. Presented in an edition of 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes with full-color artwork designed by RCN's Ram Youssefi.