Ian Hawgood: Tents and Hills CD

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Written and produced in 2007 by Ian D Hawgood

Tracks 1-4 were written in October 2007.
Tracks 5-8 were written in May and June of 2008.

Tracks 1-4 released as free mp3-Download via luvsound.org in March 2008

Illustrated by Kati Meden, www.goyippi.net

Release Description
Ian Hawgood needs no introduction. He has released an enormous number of releases under different monikers on countless labels, free mp3's as well as physical releases. And besides that musical output he also runs three labels.

Tents and Hills was released by luvsound back in March 2008 as a 4-track EP. Shortly after the release Ian recorded 4 additional tracks. I first heard the tracks back in 2007 when Ian contacted me to release some of his music on Resting Bell. I fell in love with the first 4 tracks within seconds. The main theme through the whole record is a kind of organic, natural feeling. Especially on the bonus tracks Ian uses field-recordings from hiking and camping, woven together with droning soundscapes.

Enjoy Tents and Hills in its wholeness, with about 50 minutes complete duration.
Illustrator Kati Meden also reworked the graphic-design for this CD-edition.

1. October
2. No Clouds
3. Wake Up Mountain
4. Parasol
5. Foothills
6. Happy Alone
7. Curvy Borders
8. Inland River Valley

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