Etaoin Shrdlu: Mating Calls CD

Featuring members of Rockets Red Glare, Weights and Measures, and ICPMABOYC, the personnel list in etaoin shrdlu (there is no proper pronunciation) reads as an all-star lineup for the Southern Ontario post-hardcore scene. In the same way that their name is taken from a forgotten reference within the printing industry, the band was originally conceived as a side project to explore a style of instrumental music that was felt to be lost or abandoned by contemporary bands. The result is a series of songs that are precisely executed and riddled with tension, while still being heavy, groove oriented, and surprisingly catchy. One of the biggest sounding albums of the year!

01. Bang Tik-a Tik-a
02. Brown Sabbath
03. 1995-1997
04. Requisite
05. Yow
06. House Show
07. Knew Dudes
08. Interlude
09. Camera Flirtura