Novisad: Funkel CD

    Novisad: Funkel CD


  • Artist: Novisad
    Label: Flau
    Cat No: FLAU010CD

The third novisad collects songs that were made during a timespan of more than 7 years. Each song tells it's own story and describes a distinct emotion. I think that each also represents a special part in my life. novisad is very personal music that comes from heart. That may is the reason why I can't tell much more about it, because you just can't talk a lot about emotions. So why not let the music tell the story for you and discover it for yourself.

The album starts with the song funkel that originally was made for a live performance with Jrgen de Blonde at the kraak festival back in 2001. The sounds on untitled 2 came from Aaron & Sandra from the Lucky Kitchen. At this time I figured out that a guitar is an instrument with infinite ways of sound. So you can see this novisad also as a concept album that was made only out of guitar samples I collected from here and there. From an experimental start the album gets more and more intense.

For me this novisad will mostly be music for the time after that reminds myself that all things must come to an end - eventually.


01. funkel
02. song 2
03. untitled 1
04. song 1
05. untitled 3
06. raindrops
07. untitled 4
08. untitled 9
09. tokimeki - pingpong
10. pingpong
11. restspielzeit
12. yappari
13. distant vicinity
14. tine
15. verlauf
16. untitled2
17. kaeri
18. abbild