Fujita | Harris | Thoben | Troyer | Shirley: Tesseract CD

Simon Harris (electronics), Jan Thoben (drums, percussion, objects), Kassian Troyer (guitar), Masayoshi Fujita (vibraphone) are members of the experimental improv band Pan Am Scan. Based in Berlin, the group perform with Rainer Kohlberger with live-generative visuals.

Ian was first introduced to their work through mutual friends Craig (Moteer) and Yasuhiko (Flau), whom they have previously worked with on Flau and Our Small Ideas.

Jan Thoben (Drums / Percussion)
Jan is a Berlin based musician whose projects include Taunus (Ahornfelder), Gaston (Beau Rivage) and Kinn (Audio Dregs). He graduated in musicology and art history at Humbolt Universität, Berlin and is currently working on his PhD thesis on 'Transformative Strategies in Sound and Image' in addition to his work for the 'See this Sound' research project with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Linz.

Simon Harris (Laptop)
Simon is a London based sound art graduate from Middlesex University. Simon's installation works utilise fragile audio feedback systems to reveal the resonant acoustic properties of spaces. For live performances he uses live sampling extensively as a way to ensure a strong audible connection between the instrument and the interpretive processed sounds.

Masayoshi Fujita (Vibraphone)
Originally from Tokyo, Masayoshi is a vibraphone player and has released solo work as El Fog on Moteer and Flau. El Fog combines live vibraphone and minimalist electronics to create a jazz and dub influenced aesthetic. He has performed live in Tokyo and Berlin and regularly tours in both countries.

Kassian Troyer (Guitar)
Having studied as a Tonmeister in Vienna, Kassian relocated to Berlin where he works as a mastering and live engineer. He has worked with artists such as Radian, Pan American, Fennesz and Jan Jelinek.

Rainer Kohlberger (Visuals)
Rainer studied Multimedia Art at the Fachhochschule in Salzburg. Today he works in the field of generative aesthetics in the live context or as video productions. Simple visual objects are magnified and multiplied to form a holistic abstract organism.

All music by Masayoshi Fujita, Simon Harris, Derek Shirley, Jan Thoben, Kassian Troyer.

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