Ben Fleury-Steiner: Keep A Weather Eye Open CD

RELEASE DATE : FEBRUARY 9 2010 (delayed a few weeks due to a printers error)

*FIRST 10 RETAIL COPIES INCLUDE: LTD bonus 3"CDR "Vessel of Sleep" (INFX 041) limited to 350 individually numbered copies only
Featuring photography and custom package design by Jeremy Bible.

From the inset, "Tender is the opaque morning" the scene has been set on 'Keep a Weather Eye Open' into a Bryars-esque dip into the sunken Titanic. Gently clattering china on a slow drop to the bed of the ocean, faint light filtering through. The band plays on, the notes become submerged & eventually a hymnal drone emerges repeating over and over in slow cycles. This is not the end however, as unlike the ill-fated Vessel of Sleep, this work re-emerges to the surface and into hazy light.

Roughly 2 years in the making for release on Infraction by Gears of Sand label curator, Ben Fleury-Steiner - 'KAWEO' is presented in a digipak with a 12 page color booklet in an edition of 900 copies. In addition the first 350 copies will receive a numbered, bonus 3" CDR, "Vessel of Sleep" (INFX 041) which contains 3 additional unreleased tracks, housed in a 6 panel cardstock folder.
KAWEO was mastered by Robert Rich.

"...from aft came the tunes of the band..... The ship was gradually turning on her nose - just like a duck that goes down for a dive. I had only one thing on my mind - to get away from the suction. The band was still playing. I guess all of the band went down. They were playing "Autumn" then." - Harold Bride, 1912.

Tender is the Opaque Morning

Feedback of Day : Sunlit in Stop Frame - Part 1

Running Silent Luminous Tide

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