Juppala Kaapio: Sporing Promenade CD

Juppala Kaapio take us on a Sporing Promenade, a very sylvian-pastoral escapade where the watercolour-styled music is a series of meandering acoustic twitters, drones and peeps, surrounded at all times by forest-like atmospheres and evocative sound effects. The singing voices which wail and hum in airy tones as though wafted into our lugs on a gentle breeze are particularly affecting.

Inside the booklet there are charming woollen dolls of elves, gnomes, and other forest sprites, photographed amongst nature's glory (leaves, mushrooms, dew) in delicate, dream-like colours. In fact the whole album exudes a distant, dreamy air that you could use while reading Alice in Wonderland.

"The band may have a Finnish name and exhibit concerns we would associate with the wood-dwelling Finnish Free Folk brigade, but in fact they are Swiss and Japanese – the husband and wife team of Carole Zweifel and Hitoshi Kojo, who also records as Spiracle (producing memorably minimal drone pieces). A very convincing “take” on certain territories staked out by say, Jeph Jerman and Loren Chasse." - Ed Pinsent for The Sound Projector

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