Afarone: Lucen CD

    Afarone: Lucen CD

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  • Artist: Afarone
    Label: Karlrecords
    Cat No: KR007CD

On his debut "lucen" the piano player / electronic artist afarOne explores the sonic fields between ambient / electronica and the works of contemporary composers of silence such as Arvo Part. Hailing from Spain, the classical trained piano player Stefano Ruggeri (b. 1976) aka afarOne spent 3 years working on his debut longplayer. Influenced by artists such as Alva Noto, Thomas Köner or Mira Calix o the one hand and the great modernists of 20thcentury classical music as Gustav Mahler, Anton Webern or Alban Berg, afarOne presents eight instrumental tracks melting both worlds: melancholic piano drops (Tupfer) and far away strings meet ambient soundscapes, subtly pulsating beats and haunting, drony undercurrents. Dreamlike introspective passages give room to emotionally tense heights – Ruggeri masterly understands to well-consideredly place the sounds and create a sonic cosmos rich of colours. "lucen" (Spanish for shining, luminous) is exactly this: a shimmering star, clear and at hand's reach but yet far away, intangible at the same time as the pseudonym afarOne pointedly expresses. Limited edition of 222 handnumbered items.

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