Derek Piotr: Agora CD

    Derek Piotr: Agora CD

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  • Artist: Derek Piotr
    Label: Bitsquare
    Cat No: BTSQ001CD

AGORA is a solo record by Derek Piotr and explores electroacoustic and digital sound in context with the unification of different cultures, by including field recordings of vocalists from various cultures within the body of work. AGORA features co-engineering on half its tracks by Finland-based artist AGF aka Antye Greie.

"AGORA is an eerie series of sonic explorations. They kind of sound like something horrifyingly terrible is just about to happen...Some are noisy, some are surprisingly accessible." - The Needle Drop

"like the ancient Agora, the meeting place, Piotr samples together voices from various cultures…altogether a most promising start" - Vital Weekly

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