Andrew Hayleck: Weekend Cassette

On this cassette are two days of ambient sound recordings, each originally about twenty-four hours long and sped up to play back at about 128 times the original speed. The recordings were made in my studio, which is located in West Baltimore City. I was interested in hearing what was too low and slow for me to normally hear, or to imagine how I would hear things if I were an insect. Since sound can give an indication of length (sound travels approximately 1 foot per millisecond), my height of 5'11" (180cm) would become about half an inch (1.3cm) tall when multiplitied by the rate of these recordings. As far as I can deduce, the high pitches are from cars idling outside. - andrew hayleck, april 2011.

edition: 100
cassette c24 + weekend video + weekend sequence pdf
letterpress sleeve

designed and printed by ben owen
cover image from weekend sequence.
professionally duplicated/imprinted cassettes
digital download card for weekend video + weekend sequence pdf
release date: june 1, 2011

weekend video + weekend sequence pdf are included with purchase as digital downloads.

I: Friday evening to Saturday evening 12:58
II:Saturday evening to Sunday evening 10:43

the recordings go friday pm thru sunday pm