Blueneck: The Fallen Host LP

    Blueneck: The Fallen Host LP

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  • Artist: Blueneck
    Label: Denovali
    Cat No: DEN039LP

People who like to lose themselves in the place within will like our music,” says Blueneck singer Duncan Attwood, summing up the profound, epic nature of the band's work in a single sentence. You see, Blueneck write the soundtrack to the greatest movie you've never seen. Ten years into their career, Attwood and his band have evolved a style of music that has been labelled .postrock ' by some observers but which offers much more than that simple definition. With the band's new album, The Fallen Host, Blueneck take the listener deep into an inner zone of immense beauty and power. The first single, .Lilitu', is the perfect gateway drug to the Blueneck experience, enticing anyone with an ear for melody inward with its mesmeric beats and strings. Described by Attwood as “one of the more immediate tracks on the album”, the song pulls the listener inside a world constructed of fragile emotion and world-shaking rhythms. Unbelievably, this widescreen music comes from just four musicians: you'd expect a full orchestra and a platoon of session players to be behind sounds of such captivating richness. Attwood (vocals, guitar, piano), Ben Green (guitar), Ben Paget (bass) and Johnny Horsewell (drums) first formed the band in 2000, jamming together and discovering a mutual love of uncategorisable bands such as Mogwai, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Sigur Rós, Radiohead (particularly the Kid A and Amnesiac era), Cult Of Luna and Björk – although Attwood also cites indirect influences such as Arcade Fire, Pavement, Wilco and Smashing Pumpkins. This led to a powerful and completely unique style which has made Blueneck an essential sonic experience, whether live or recorded. The Fallen Host builds on the heightened profile which Blueneck achieved with their muchpraised 2006 debut album, Scars Of The Midwest. Where that album introduced the band's ethereal style to a burgeoning UK and international fanbase, the new release adds more depth and colour to Blueneck's already-huge sound and is sure to establish them still further.

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