Thanos Chrysakis Oli Mayne Szolt Sores Jerry Wigens: Vertex CD


Max/MSP + electronics


Vibraphone + electronics


Objects + Viola + electronics



Electric Guitar

Recorded June 3, 2010

At L1 danceLab, BUDAPEST

Editing and Mastering at MERIDIAN STUDIO
About the Artists

Thanos Chrysakis' output consists of composition, performance, and installation. He was born in Athens in 1971, residing for the last twelve years in the UK. His work has appeared on various independent labels, and events in several countries. He composes for electronics, acoustic instruments and environmental sounds, focusing on the structural and aesthetic capacity of sonic matter. His work was amongst the selected works at the International Competition de Musique et d'Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourges 2005, in the category œuvre d'art sonore electroacoustique, while received an honorary mention in 2006 at the 7th International Electroacoustic Competition Musica Viva in Lisbon. Recent compositions include: Subterranean Sky (Aural Terrains 2010), A Scar In The Air (Aural Terrains 2008), "Passage Dangereux" for prepared and toy piano, soundscape + video (for Kate Ryder, 2008). His current performing projects are: a Trio with Wade Matthews and Dario Bernal-Villegas, a duo with Wade Matthews, and the trio (Tetras) with James O'Sullivan and Jerry Wigens. Upcoming compositional projects are a series of compositions for Wilfrido Terrazas (flutes), Alexander Bruck (viola), Kate Ryder (piano) + a new CD of electronic music entitled MAGMA that will be released by the Russian label 'monochrome vision'.

Oli Mayne is an English experimental vibraphone and analogue synthesizer player, with an emphasis on intense, physical performances. Currently based in Budapest, he first encountered improvisation in a duo with a Brazilian pianist whilst living in Nottingham, England, but got more seriously involved in the experimental side of things after moving to London, attending the weekly improvisation workshops run by Eddie Prevost of legendary improvisation group AMM. He has appeared at various London improvisation events and venues, including the Evan Parker/ Eddie Prevost/ Martin Davidson run 'Freedom of the city' festival (twice), and nights put on by Adam Bohman/ Bohman Brothers and the Society for Promotion of New Music; he has also performed in Nottingham, Brighton and Birmingham. Since arriving in Budapest, he has performed in a trio featuring Zsolt So"res and Zsolt Varga; forthcoming plans include a dance collaboration, and further performances with a new quartet featuring So"res, Adam Bohman (England), and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg (Belgium). He also plays keyboards and percussion; other musical activities include the British space rock band Litmus, the newly formed Budapest-based trance group Rasasound, and classically-orientated percussion quartet Brake Drum Assembly.

Jerry Wigens is an improviser and composer who plays guitar and clarinet. Most of his musical activity has taken place in London although he has also performed in Zurich, Geneva, Berlin and Athens. His interest in improvisation started at an early age and he attended John Stevens' workshops at the age of nineteen. Since then he has worked in various musical contexts including rock, jazz and contemporary classical and has performed with Eddie Prevost, George Lewis, Sylvia Hallett and Walter Cardew, among many others. He has also had work performed by guitarist Alan Thomas and contemporary ensemble Vamos. He has studied with Roger Redgate and participates in Eddie Prevost's workshop sessions which he has occasionally convened in Prevost's absence. He also plays guitar in prog/improv band Astrakan.

Born 1969 in Budapest. He is a violinist, electro-acoustic improviser and noise musician, performance and conceptual artist. His current projects: trio with Franz Hautzinger and Isabelle Duthoit, duo with Christopher Williams, I Belong to the Band (with Adam Bohman, Oli Mayne and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg), duo with Christian Skjodt, Spiritus Noister (with Endre Szkarosi and Katalin Ladik phonic poets), multimedia project entitled "Lektronia" (with Marta Ladjanszki coreographer and Zsolt Korokani fine artist), Don't Eat Group (with the film and video artist Andras Juhasz) etc. Until 2010 he was the main organizer of the underground film screening series called "Club of Invisible Films" at Ludwig Museum in Budapest. Since 2008 he is the artistic director of "Relative (Cross)Hearings International Independent Contemporary Music Meeting" at the Artus Studio in Budapest. He was the editor of the Hungarian version of the following books: Jozef Cseres: "Musical Simulacra"; Michael Nyman: "Experimental Music. Cage and Beyond"; Edwin Prevost: "No Sound is Innocent. AMM and the Practice of Self-Invention: Meta-musical Narratives" In 2008 Ahad edited a book and wrote a preface study about "New Chances of Autonomy" with texts by Hakim Bey aka Peter Lamborn Wilson among other onthological anarchists. Since 2009 he is collaborating with the cult horror/underground/surreal film director Andrey Iskanov from Khabarovsk, Russian Far-East.