Beequeen: Ownliness CD

Available once again - 2nd edition repress. Out now. This is a reissue of one of the first Infraction releases. Slightly different artwork than the 1st edition. It was the debut of the reconfigured Beequeen, orignally released in 2002. Gone (well not entirely) was the drone based Beequeen, and in exchange was a bit more of an experimental pop outfit. "For a short while, the future looked bleak for Beequeen fans. Was their single "Dovidzdane Vanja (The Death of Beequeen)" an omen for an imminent end of Beequeen? Not so it turned out. Beequeen was more eager than ever to develop a new future for the band. Their single "White Tusk" was merely a taste of things to come. More melodic, with a driven beat and soaring guitars, "White Tusk" proved that Beequeen could master more than the ambient drone. Their latest studio work "Ownliness", which was recorded in 2000, is now available (again) on Infraction Records. In it's attractive cover, "Ownliness" offers trip-hop rhythms, guitar-ambient, beautiful roadmovie-music, strange samples and loops deliver with a twist only the Beequeens can master. From the opener "Clockwise" to the long melancholic piece "Beam Ends" (featuring a ticking clock, atmospherically guitarwork, environmental recordings and cellos) this new CD offers the most musical product Beequeen has released so far. It will certainly appeal to Beequeen fans old and new, offering an album full of beautiful tracks. "Ownliness" proves Beequeen more alive than ever, willing to take on new challenges in their music." [INFX 003]