Rhodri Davies > Gregory Buttner: 3 Harp Treatments CD

On 3 Harp Treatmens: Rhodri Davies and Gregory Buttner met in Hamburg and decided to work together. Davies sent Buttner three short solo harp improvisations to work with. Out of those sourcings Buttner generated a most alive, sbizarre and chalenging form of concrete-abstract electronic music. 3 harp treatments is a fine example of a fresh and new approach to the integration of acoustic and digital sound. It will appeal to fans of the work by Asmus Tietchens, Luc Ferrari or Jacob Kirkegaard. 3 harp treatments is also an extension of the original concept of the Anthropometrics series on aufabwegen. This is the first non-vinyl release in the series and the first work, that has not been recorded live and as a middle-of the moment improvisation. Rhodri Davies Davies is a welsh-born harp player with a unique style crossing the borders between contemporary classical music, improvisation and pop. He has played and recorded with some of Europes finest improvisators such as Derek Bailey, John Butcher, Burkhard Beins, Andrea Neumann and Even Parker. He performs internationally and has played nunmerous important festivals. Influenced by live electronics, he is particularly interested in exploring noise, silence and abstract sound on his acoustic and amplified instrument. Rhodri Davies is a member of the ensembles Apartment House and branches interpreting contemporary new music by composers such as Cornelius Cardew, John Cage and others. www.rhodridavies.co.uk Gregory Buttner * 1972 in hamburg, germany communication design studies at the university for applied sciences, hamburg, later specializing in audiovisual work: video, sound installations. Buttner founded audio duo fr diesen abend with stefan funck in 2001, often accompanied by visuals from katrin bethge (overheadprojections). In 2004 he launched his label 1000fussler which releases experimental music and video. www.gregorybuettner.de