Ibreathefur: Everyday You Look Different CD

    Ibreathefur: Everyday You Look Different CD

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  • Artist: Ibreathefur
    Label: Under The Spire
    Cat No: SPIRE032CD

Everyday You Look Different consists of four tracks from ibreathefur, the solo project of South East England based Chris Spearman. The artist recently appeared on the netlabel Audio Gourmet with his EP Phosphenes and also shared a split cassette release with He Can Jog on Wolf Interval earlier this year.

The EP opens with Through Turbines, a wonderfully noisy track which contains elements of 8 bit tones and high volume electronic noise skilfully composed, a more abrasive sound than was present in Phosphenes. Spearman walks the line between melody and noise without a hint of affectation.

Second track Nylon Light Bleed changes the pace and is a little more melodic, at least for the opening moments. A repeated and heavily manipulated harmonic guitar part begins the track until more digital noise is added slowly, reaching an apex before ebbing and leaving the guitar plucking in the spotlight. Spearman shows a strong grasp of tension and release dynamics and, after being buffeted by such powerful noise and glitchy tones, there is in this small abatement, a cathartic release..

Waiting Alone continues in a style analogous to the previous two tracks, before closing number Things Have Changed Place finishes off the EP, the piece underscored by tasteful field recordings. Though a brief listen may give the tracks an overly uniform appearance, the music compels the listener to give ones full attention and it is then that Spearmans understated genius becomes clear. Discreet changes in tone and pace combine with just the right measure of harsher audio to create a challenging and intelligent work which is all the more engrossing on each repeated listen.

Available for pre-order from Under The Spire now, Every Day You Look Different is released on 5? CDr in hand stamped & numbered recycled card packaging with two inserts in a run of 100 and shipped approximately November 1st.

- Review by Adam Williams for Fluid Radio