Rutger Zuydervelt: Sneeuwstorm CD

For 'Sneeuwstorm', Rutger Zuydervelt provided saxophonists Colin Webster and Otto Kokke (of Dead Neanderthals) a basic score to work with. Their recordings were edited and processed with additional electronics and post-production in layers to create a dense and dynamic composition. These 31 minutes are quite a journey. "I started by making an electronic 'framework' for the saxophones, mainly using recordings from electrical equipment, made with coil pick-ups. Then I asked two of my favorite saxophonists, Colin Webster and Otto Kokke, to improvise on the material. Once I received Colin and Otto's contributions, things began to fall into place rapidly. As expected, they came up with something splendid. It inspired me again to morph the whole composition into something new, restructuring, processing and looping parts of Colin's and Otto's recordings, and adding more sounds of my own, such as field recordings, samples and electric guitar. At this moment, this might be the best album I have in me." - Rutger Zuydervelt